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Memory Lane

The journey in specialty coffee was not an easy one. However, we are proud to be one of the pioneers in cultivating the specialty coffee scene of Malaysia.

A decade down the memory lane from a 150 square feet garage to a 2000 square feet 1.5 storey shop lot. Our progress has been a slow and winding road, but steady with our perseverance. In this little depot, there is the FIRST Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) certified coffee roaster, FIRST Specialty Coffee Association of Japan (SCAJ) certified World Siphonist Judge, and many Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) certified baristas.

We had the privilege of working with a few coffee champions, aficionados, and talented baristas along this rocky journey, yet it has been a worthwhile adventure thus far. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal supporters that became our dear friends, families, suppliers, clients for their continuous encouragement, understanding and support that helped us grow and improve.

We hope to serve you well in many more years to come!

Behind The Scenes

“As an IT graduate, I’ve paved through the 2nd wave of coffee to the specialty coffee age today in Malaysia. I’ve joined the Beans Depot family in the year 2013, got my SCAE barista certification in the following year, became the first runner-up in the 2014 Malaysia Brewers Cup Championship, and lastly be certified as a SCAJ World Siphonist Judge as well as a National Coffee Competition Judge in 2015. From the bottom of my heart, I treasure all the development and opportunities given to my growth and success today as coffee has always been my passion.

Since I was a kid, I have equipped myself with the fundamentals of cooking. The satisfaction of serving one with the food and coffee which I prepared for has never failed to cheer me up until this day. However, the pandemic has posed a huge challenge for me as I never imagined that I would be in charge of all food preparation in a cafe one day.

In order to sustain my passion, my team and I at Beans Depot went through many rounds of R&D before rolling out the roast pork dishes before your eyes today. With everyone’s support, it eventually became one of our signature item(s) to please the palate of porky lovers. Do stay tuned to our seasonal menu in the future!”

Lawrence Phua​

Sum Ma Recipe

Sum Ma Recipe “Peeping into what your mum does in a kitchen is most girls’ experience in their teens. Anything assigned by my mum is usually fun—

Until the day I was called to help with pork chops. It starts with a tedious step of slicingthe pork loin, followed by tendering it with the back of a heavy cleaver, and lastly marinating it with a simple yet special home-made recipe. To my surprise, it became our signature dish over time; in my own set-up café, being liked by many.

Thank you Mum! To give you the credit, I shall name it after you!”

LS Yip

Sweet Tooth

“Ever since I have graduated from the Harold’s Academy in the year 2016, I’ve been working as a Barista primarily for about 3 years—

Until I joined the Beans Depot family in April 2019, where I was assigned in a role which brought me all the fond memories and passion of baking once again. On top of that, the freedom in managing my bake may have even provided me a room for innovation and creativity.

Along the journey to prepare for my barista championship, I’ve attained my barista certification from the SCA, and also managed to apply ideas using the same ingredients intertwining between my signature beverage and cakes; such as the Mojito Cheesecake, Minty Chococake, and Okinawan Cake. The satisfaction of my customers and their praises have given me the enthusiasm to deliver more products that fulfill their cravings. All of you are the reason that keeps me going, thank you so much!”

Kelvin Tang

My Coffee Journey

“After serving 2 decades as a HR Practitioner in foreign and local financial institutions including Astro, the first thing that jump into my thought was COFFEE; being born and raised from Ipoh. I grew up with kopi-o as my beverage as there will be a big stainless steel mug housing this black beverage for the family since I was at the age of 5.

I was astounded to see coffee whole beans being sold in dispensers by origin when I travel to other countries. So where should I start being in-charge of the coffee I consume?

Making a cup of espresso with the “God Shot”, pouring a heart or rosetta was how I begun. But how do I get the coffee with the original characteristics of the coffee I love? Yea… I want to roast my own coffee; but how do I get the green coffee? Erm… Cold calling some of the coffee traders, manufacturer, proposing my concept store, getting the roasting machine imported, clearing all the road blocks, hurdles, R&D, experiments, learning, attend classes, introduction, sharing of knowledge, then forming the association, creating the platform to educate, groom, coach, judge locally & overseas, and bring the Malaysia flag to the WORLD STAGE!

In the past decade, I’ve indulged myself into the coffee journey from seed to cup by visiting the coffee birthplace, ETHIOPIA, learn from the World Roasting Champion, World Coffee Event (WCE) Representative cum Cup of Excellence (COE) Head Judge, World Coffee in Good Spirits Champion, World Barista Champions, and today; am truly proud to be one of the pioneers in creating the specialty coffee scene in Malaysia and worked with the CHAMPIONS of the country, and bring Malaysia’s ranking to the TOP 10 in the WORLD.

LS Yip

Learning is a life-long event. Yet, I never cease to continue this process and had continue to pursue knowledge and sought certification for the following:
What’s next? Sharing with all of you on how to brew and appreciate a cup of coffee in a healthy manner, that’s most appealing to your palate!”

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